Quarantine & Testing

  • Maine currently requires all out of state campers (children and adults) to self quarantine at home for 14 days prior to arrival.
  • All campers will also be required to take a COVID-19 test on a specific day prior to the end of their at-home quarantine period. We will coordinate testing options with families.
  • A negative test result is required for attendance at Family Camp.
  • All campers will be required to come to camp directly from home quarantine.
  • Staff will be quarantined at camp for at least 14 days prior to campers’ arrival. Staff will also be tested multiple times for COVID-19 and screened daily by our nurses.
  • Campers and Staff will NOT be permitted to leave camp grounds at any time during their stay – to maintain the camp “bubble”. (No late arrivals permitted, but if circumstances require a family to leave camp before the end of the session please discuss with Camp Directors)


Social Distancing – “Families” and “Pods”

  • Your family will live in a private cabin. Cabins may contain up to 10 people and will constitute a “pod”. Three cabins may be grouped together (via mutual consent, prior to session start) to form a larger “pod” Our staff team will also be grouped into separate pods.
  • A pod will function as your “family” for the duration of the camp session.
  • Pods will be able to eat together and participate in activities together.
  • When anyone is interacting outside of their pod, they will practice social distancing and/or will wear a mask.



  • The Family Camp activity schedule will be different from past years (and very different from our “regular” summer camp program!)
  • Campers will sign up daily for their activities, as a family or pod
  • All equipment that must be shared between pods will be sanitized between uses.
  • Wherever possible, separate equipment will be distributed to each pod for use throughout the session (e.g. balls, bats etc.). Use of personal equipment is encouraged.
  • Private lessons (extra charge) are available for Waterskiing, Tennis (all ages) and Math tutoring for children.
  • Traditional camp “evening activities” that fit group distancing requirements will be provided for family entertainment.


Hygiene, Health & Food Service

  • All cabins and program areas will be fully sanitized before your arrival and between sessions.
  • All campers and staff will practice proper hygiene including hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located at many high traffic areas around camp and at food locations.
  • Every cabin has its own private bathroom. No public restrooms will be in use.
  • Families should pack, and be ready to administer their own medicines and prescriptions as well as basic first aid (Tylenol, band aids etc.). Camp nurses will be available to assist with emergencies or unforeseen health issues. 911 emergency service.is available and two trauma centers are less than 30 minutes from camp.
  • Meals will be “family style” and will be served individually to each family. “Pods” will be physically distanced from other pods during meals, in well ventilated areas, or eat separately in cabins or in outdoor picnic locations.
  • There will be no central salad bar/pasta bar, but we will substitute these items with family style mixed salads and pasta servings.
  • (Please call us to discuss any special dietary needs/allergies before enrollment.)


As we begin to think about opening up communities and possibly returning to school in the fall, Family Camp will be an excellent opportunity to teach young children about the differences between family and public situations. In a low risk & friendly environment, Family Camp will help normalize transitioning from home, to using a mask and practicing social distancing in public areas and/or when interacting with people outside of their pods.


At Kippewa we value camp as a place where people can come to be away from technology and share experiences in person, together with others. However, we understand that these are unique times, so we will provide reliable WIFI service to all of our cabins to allow parents to “work from home” while with us, and for parents to have the ability to “plug kids in” should they need downtime or need weaning off their devices.


Finally, a reminder again. In order for overnight camp programs to operate this summer, the State of Maine requires us to be a “shelter in place” community. If your family attends camp this summer you would need to commit to staying on site for the duration of the program. We will do our best to provide everything you need, including scheduled shopping trips by a designated staff member to pick up forgotten or needed items, but there would be no opportunity to pop out for a Starbucks fix, or an ice cream at Fielder’s Choice!