A+ recently put out a great article with some very fun, cool, wacky, and colorful things to make with kids. During the colder months, kids can get very restless inside and it’s always good to have something saved for a rainy day. Plus, projects that stimulate learning can potentially help proactive thinking and can just be a good way to bond. And…they’re just fuuuuun!

You can view the full article here: Here Are The 12 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children

Asia Citro has kids who do not really prefer to sleep so she set out to create some really fun and educational projects. They combine color, taste, smell, and texture.

You can view her blog here

Check these really cool projects out and let us know if you try any!


1. Safe and Edible Glow Water for Baths and Play:


View the full instructions here


2. The Magic Foaming Dough Snowman


These are the directions


3. Safe and Edible Miniature Floating Beads


Click this for directions


4. Rainbow Soap Foam


Here are the full directions


5. Elephant Toothpaste



Instructions are right here

6. Rainbow Foam Dough


Here are the full directions


7. Polka-Dot Slime


See this for full directions


8. All-Natural Glowing Play-Dough


Here are the full directions


9. Rainbow Ice Tower Excavation


Here are the full directions


10. Magic Puffing Snow


Click this for full directions


11. Painted Salt Sculptures


These are the full directions


12. Colorful Beans


Click here for instructions



These looks awesome!!