Kippewa girls are friendly and nice at camp in Maine 

What Are The Cabins Like?

Our cabins are all unique. Almost all of them have screened-in porches, many that overlook the lake, and some of our cabins have decorative stone fireplaces inside. Each cabin has its own bathroom which includes showers, sinks, and stalls. The cabins all have electricity, screened glass-paned windows, comfortable wooden bunk beds, and personal cubbies. Girls are grouped into cabins based on the grade they are entering after camp. There are eight to twelve campers (depending on age) in each bunk, together with three counselors. Girls from all over the world live together in their cabins, eat meals together and enjoy spending meals, evening activities, down-time and special events together as a bunk.

How Is The Food?

We always get great reviews from campers and staff about our food! Meals are served family-style and are nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious! Along with the main meal we also offer vegetarian options, salad bars, pasta bars, and a breakfast bar consisting of fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, and more. Our sunbutter and jelly station (our nut-free version of PB&J!)  is available throughout the day. At least a couple of times each week we have outdoor barbecues and lunches overlooking the lake and each session we have a closing Maine lobster bake! Snacks consist of hand fruit such as apples, oranges, peaches and plums, homemade cookies and ice cream treats. Everyone loves the food at Camp Kippewa!

What Does A Typical Day At Kippewa Look Like?

  • 7:30am Reveille
  • 8:00am Flag Raising
  • 8:15am Breakfast
  • 8:50am Cleanup
  • 9:15am First Period
  • 10:20am Second Period
  • 11:25am Free Choice
  • 12:15pm Lunch
  • 1:00pm Rest Hour/Mail Time
  • 2:00pm Third Period
  • 2:55pm Cookie Call (Snack)
  • 3:15pm Fourth Period
  • 4:15pm Fifth Period
  • 5:15pm Shower Hour
  • 6:05pm Flag Lowering
  • 6:15pm Dinner
  • 7:15pm Evening Activity
  • 8:45pm Taps
  • 9:00pm – 11:00pm (Varies by Age) Lights Out

How Do Girls Choose Their Schedules?

Before coming to camp we ask everyone to select the activities they would like to participate in during the first week of camp using our activity selection form. Everyone has swim instruction and land sports during one period of the day (swim one day and land sports the next day, alternating), and girls get to choose the other 5 periods. Every day they also decide what they want to do for our Free Choice period. We encourage girls to try new activities along with doing things they already know and love. After all, part of the fun of going to camp is learning new things!

At the end of each week girls receive a new activity choice sheet to select activities for the following week of camp.

What Does It Mean To Have A Brother Camp?

We are very lucky to have Camp Cobbossee, our brother camp, located less than 1/2 mile away from us on the same lake. We get together for one shared all-camp special event (like Carnival!), and schedule a social or community-service based event for the oldest campers.

For girls with a brother or cousin at Camp Cobbossee, they will see him at least once a week, either at one of our shared special events or at a special brother/sister lunch.  We also coordinate all of the travel to and from camp with the same timing and locations to make the logistics of getting to camp as easy as possible.

What Happens If A Camper Gets Sick Or Injured?

We have three registered nurses along with a nursing assistant who live at camp in our “Pillbox” (the health center) and are available 24/7.  We also have an established relationship with a local family medical practice. They are located only a few miles from camp. There are two hospitals located within 20 minutes of camp. Our nurses are very friendly and helpful if someone isn’t feeling well, and our Pillbox has space for girls to lie down and rest if needed (including air conditioning). Our nurses also distribute all prescription and non-prescription medication for our campers.

How Does Communication Between Parents / Campers Work?

Campers are required to write letters home two to three times a week during the summer. Parents are allowed to schedule one phone call per session and send one-way emails, however campers are not able to send emails back. They will be so busy having fun at camp there won’t be any time for the computer anyways!

We also post daily photos and newsletters during the summer so parents can keep up with all the fun their daughter is experiencing.

What Is Your Package Policy?

We do not allow packages – please make sure friends and family members are aware of this policy. Any package received without previous permission from a director will be held until the end of the session and either returned to parents or donated.  Please do not send food or gum as these items are not allowed in the cabins and will be confiscated.

What Is Your Electronics Policy?

We want everyone to make the most out of their camping experience by spending time engaged in activities and talking face to face with friends and counselors. Therefore, cell phones and electronic games (Gameboys, PSPs, etc) are not permitted at camp. Basic MP3 players (such as iPod Shuffles) are allowed in the cabins. Camp Kippewa is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen MP3 players.  Our basic policy is to only allow basic music players, or in other words those that are “screen free”.  To assist with this we provide each bunk with an iPod and speaker, counselors are then able to add the campers song requests using camp music accounts.

We also do not allow hair dryers or flat irons. We want the focus to be on making friends, having fun, and just being yourself without worrying about what your hair looks like! Girls are so busy having fun they don’t miss them, and actually tell us they enjoy the freedom.

Is There A Required Uniform?

No, we do not require uniforms at camp. We do ask everyone to bring a couple of uniform items for some special events and trips out of camp but not to wear on a daily basis. We just ask that girls wear non-designer, “camp-friendly” clothing. Most girls wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt or tanktop. Girls also need to bring appropriate footwear for whatever activity they are participating in – soccer cleats for soccer, tennis shoes when on the courts, etc. Campers are also required to wear their hair tied back for sanitary and safety reasons during activities.

Where Is Camp Kippewa Located?

Camp Kippewa is located in Monmouth, Maine, which is 15 miles southwest of Augusta (Maine’s capital) and one hour from the Portland International Jetport. Just 3 hours north of Boston, Camp Kippewa is perfectly located in the stunning wilderness of Maine, on the shores of magnificent Lake Cobbosseecontee. Our brother camp, Camp Cobbossee, is less than 1/2 mile away on the same lake.

How Is The Staff Selected?

All of our counselor staff are required to have completed at least one year of college, with the average counselor having completed two or more years. Staff members are recruited from the finest universities in the U.S. and abroad. We recruit students who have good experience and who have a desire to work with children for their career – many are in school to become teachers, social workers, or in other child-related professions. Each potential staff member takes part in an in-depth interview either in-person or over the telephone. All staff members submit 3 professional references and must pass a background check before being hired.

In addition to our counselor staff, a specialist who is very knowledgeable about their area heads each program area. Our Activity Heads are teachers, coaches, parents and long-time campers. They help set the tone for the level of instruction, enthusiasm and caring that we are committed to providing. A camper-to-counselor ratio of better than 3:1 is maintained to ensure proper supervision at all times.

How Do The Girls Get To/From Camp?

Bus transportation is available to/from Westchester, NY and Newton, MA. We also provide transportation to/from the airport in Portland, Maine (PWM). We are able to chaperone unaccompanied minors to flights in and out of Portland only.  Parents are also welcome to bring and pick up their campers in person, please just realize it will be a quick visit and drop off to help make the transition as easy as possible. Pickup Day is our opportunity for families to visit camp. Arrival is 9am with time to visit camp, meet friends and check out activities, enjoy a continental breakfast buffet and all-camp gathering at 11am to say our final goodbyes.

Do You Have a CIT Or Junior Counselor Program?

Yes! Kippewa has not historically had a CIT (Counselor-In-Training) or Junior Counselor program, but we are excited to make these programs part of our future. Our oldest campers are 15 years old, going into 10th grade. The following summer, entering 11th grade, they have the option to return to us as a counselor-in-training. CITs spend their time at camp having fun, traveling, and learning the various leadership skills that go into becoming an effective counselor. As a rising 12th grader, at the age of 17, former campers can then apply to become a junior counselor, living in a bunk and helping with teaching activities at camp. This is a selective program with limited spaces so Junior Counselors must go through an application process similar to everyone else on our staff.

How Much Do Kippewa and Kippewa Point Campers Interact?

Camp Kippewa Point is our two week camp for girls ages 6 – 13.  Camp Kippewa Point and Camp Kippewa run separately from each other, so whether you are attending camp for 2 weeks or for 3 1/2 weeks you are together with other campers staying for the same amount of time. Kippewa and Kippewa Point are sister camps, located right next door to each other in our beautiful natural setting on Lake Cobbosseecontee. We are able to coordinate opportunities to say hi to a sibling or friend but the campers are in separate activities and cabins. Both camps offer the same warm and accepting environment, a wide variety of activities, and complete camp experience!