Please be sure to check out our “Safe In Maine” information to help prepare for Summer 2021.



At Kippewa, we want the focus to be on fun, so we ask that our girls wear non-designer, “camp-friendly” clothing. Most girls wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.  Girls also need to bring appropriate footwear for whatever activity they are participating in.  If trying an activity for the first time we do not expect specialized equipment but if a girl is a tennis player, for instance, she should bring her racquet with her to camp.  While we do not require a uniform, we do ask everyone to bring two logo’d Kippewa shirts and two logo’d Kippewa shorts for special events and trips out of camp. 

We have partnered with Amerasport for our uniform and other camp clothing.

We also partner with GruvyWear to offer high quality UV protection clothing, with or without the Kippewa logo.

A copy of our packing list is available here.

Bed linens and towels are provided at no additional charge. We provide sheets and blankets, please bring your own pillow and pillowcases. It can also be nice to bring a blanket or comforter to help personalize the space and make it feel “homey”.

Laundry is done once a week so plan on packing a week’s worth of clothing (factoring in extras and changes throughout the day for different activities) plus additional items that may be needed.

Fun dress-up clothing items for special events are always welcome, although not essential!



Camp Transportation

We are asking our families to bring their children to camp this year. Minimizing risk of exposure in the days leading up to camp, first contact with campers, and the initial 5 days of each session will be critical to successfully running Kippewa this summer. Shared transportation increases the risk of spread before campers arrive at camp.

Driving directly to Kippewa is ideal. We know this isn’t possible for everyone, so if flying to camp we ask that a parent (or another responsible adult) accompany their camper to navigate airports and proper use of PPE, and then bring their child to camp.

Importantly, we will be offering shared bus transportation HOME to CT / NY and Boston, similarly to previous seasons, since by this point camp will be functioning as a larger pod.

There are four options for sending your bags to and from camp:

1. R&B Camp Baggage. 603-536-2197. We have partnered with this company to provide door to door pickup and delivery of camp luggage.

2. The Mailing Center in Augusta, Maine. 207-621-0234. They will help you organize UPS shipments and will come to camp to organize delivery and shipment.

3. UPS/Fed-Ex. Several families with personal or business accounts with these carriers use them to send luggage to and from camp.  If you choose to use one of these carriers you will need to provide your own labels.

4. When bringing your daughter to camp, or picking her up, you are welcome to transport bags yourself!

Directions to Kippewa can be found here.

A list of Nearby Accommodations is available here.



Campers receive mail daily at Kippewa in the early evening, before dinner. All letters and large envelopes (up to size 9×12) are delivered to campers daily as received. Boxed packages are not allowed. Please check our package policy in the Family Handbook for details.

Campers are also able to receive one-way emails from parents through their myKippewa accounts. These emails are managed by our partner, CampMinder. All emails arriving before 11:00am will be delivered that day. Those received after 11:00am will be delivered to following day.

After the first week, campers are given the option of one outgoing 15 minute phone call to their parents. Not all families choose to schedule a call. Parents can schedule calls online through their myKippewa accounts once the session has begun to arrange the time and date of their call.