While schools are closing and families are spending more time indoors and at home, we are thinking a lot about how to incorporate summer camp games and skills into everyday life. Although we are experiencing more physical distancing from family or friends or coworkers right now, it doesn’t have to mean complete social distancing.

Some of the most important lessons we learn at summer camp are the power of resiliency, community, cooperation, and teamwork.



When we work together for the greater good, we are capable of accomplishing anything. While we are all facing uncertainties in our personal communities, we can draw on the experiences and lessons learned at summer camp and remain focused on optimism, kindness, and respect for everyone. Summer camp is such a positive place and there are a myriad of ways we stay occupied without the use of technology.



Grit is a big sign of resilience. When disappointment happens or uncharted territory or just something very unknown  or new crops up, we want kids to know that they can get through anything. Young people as well as old are susceptible to stress and changes in circumstance. Kids who have experienced summer camp are not new to adapting to new environments and new situations.The following list are all skills that kids learn at camp and can utilize outside of camp, especially now.

  1. Expressing care and support
  2. Challenging growth and continual improvement
  3. Sharing power in decisions
  4. Understanding boundaries and expectations
  5. Connecting to opportunities
  6. Embracing positive values
  7. Achieving social competencies, and
  8. Building positive identity



As we mentioned earlier, there are so many fun games and activities we participate in at camp that can be brought home. Here is a list of a few ideas you can share in with your family:

  1. Card Games
    No one knows as many variations of card games as a Kippy camper: Rummy, Go Fish, Peanut Butter, Spit, War, Solitaire, Crazy Eights, Rat Slap, and the list goes on.
  2. Board Games
    With the popularity of iPhone and computer games, it’s easy to forget the many board games that are in our homes. Now’s a great time to explore what’s hiding in those cabinets! Remember how much fun these board games are: Guess Who, Sorry!, Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and Battleship? We do! Let the board games begin!
  3. Singing/Music
    Singing and music is such a part of the Kippewa culture. Whether it’s singing after meals or performing at a campfire, we love singing and dancing! Consider writing lyrics to a well-known tune like we do for Color War and Olympics. Perhaps grab the family and come up with some cool choreography. Pull an instrument out of the closet and learn to play! Maybe you have a family band on hand and didn’t even know it!
  4. Sports
    On a warm day, what’s better than playing sports outside? The list of camp sports and activities is infinite!
  5. Skits
    Kippy campers are not knew to awesome skits.  As a group, come up with a theme and create a skit. Maybe put some prompts into a paper bag and turn it into a Paper Bag Skits activity. Videotape it and send it to friends and family to make them laugh!
  6. Create
    Arts and crafts is one of the most popular camp activities at camp for a reason. Use your hands to express your creativity. This may mean something different for everyone. Maybe have a Lego build-off competition. Paint a picture. Make friendships bracelets. Learn a new crafting activity. The options are endless!
  7. Read
    Pick up a book. Our Kippy Library is a very popular place at camp. Maybe older kids can pick out a book to read to younger siblings while at home. Maybe read a book and then act it out. Or just relax somewhere quiet and finally enjoy reading a book for fun! There are also great online library resources.
  8. Classic Cabin Activities
    Now’s a great time to teach your kids how to play Jacks, join in on a family game of Mad Libs, or play Pick-Up Sticks. Maybe you can make string or beaded bracelets together. Nothing beats classic cabin games!
  9. FaceTime your camp friends
    Okay … so maybe this one’s not “tech free” like the above mentioned camp-like activities, but it makes our list because being with camp friends, no matter if near or far, makes everything better!


We aren’t sure what the immediate future has in store, but we do know that keeping our minds and bodies active will help us feel our best! Community and teamwork are so important and camp has definitely taught us that there’s no better way to strengthen bonds and create lifelong friendships than by spending quality time together. Stay healthy and happy camp families!