Staff 2021: Getting Started

It’s time to start looking forward to a great summer, full of spirit, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of fun!

However, before you make your move up to Maine, there are some things you need to do in preparation for the summer. Make sure you read through the staff sections of this website as it is full of helpful and important information. You also need to complete your paperwork as soon as possible.  All the forms needed are available in a secure section of our website.  Inside myKippewa you will find all of the forms, newsletters, updates and information you need.  To log in to myKippewa use the email address that you use to communicate with us as your username.  First-time visitors will need to request their password from the system.

We will be sending you newsletters and email updates as camp approaches. If you have any questions you can also email us anytime or call 1-800-547-7392.

Now is a great time to start thinking about the lessons that you will be teaching, the kids that you will be working with, and to start preparing yourself for a summer full of adventure, growth, and laughter as you join the Kippewa Family!

Important Dates for Staff

You have decided to travel to Maine to work at Camp Kippewa for Girls this summer – how exciting! The following is a list of important dates for Kippewa staff as far as arrival for various staff members, orientation, departure and when the campers arrive and depart.

2021 DATES!

Below is our Staff Schedule for Summer 2021

May 24, Pre-Camp Staff Arrive

June 8, Staff Arrive

June 9, Staff Quarientation Begins

June 23, Staff Quarientation Ends

June 24, Session 1 Campers Arrive

August 14, Session 2 Campers Depart

August 15, Staff Depart

August 15, Family Campers Arrive

August 20, Family Campers Depart

August 28, Post Camp Staff Depart

Hired Staff FAQ’s

(For more FAQ’s please also see our “Work at Kippewa” section)

  • What if I get sick at camp?
  • If I take medicine, where do I keep it safely?
  • Should I bring blankets and sheets?
  • What should I pack for the summer?
  • When do I get paid?

What if I get sick at camp?

Our two Camp Nurses (RNs) staff the camp Health Center (The Pillbox). The Pillbox offers a comprehensive health care service to all staff.  Our nurses can administer all common over-the-counter medications and there is no charge for this service. If any staff member needs to see the doctor, an appointment can be scheduled.  All staff members must carry comprehensive health insurance.  Kippewa is less than 20 minutes away from 2 major hospitals.

If I take medicine, where do I keep it safely?

All medications, including over the counter medications, must be kept in staff lockers. No medications may be kept in the cabin where children live for their safety.

Should I bring blankets and sheets?

Domestic staff members are expected to bring their own linens. International staff traveling to camp from outside North America are provided with sheets, blankets, a pillow, and towels.

What should I pack for the summer?

A packing list and other additional information about what to bring to camp will be available once you secure a position at Camp Kippewa.

When do I get paid?

Counselors receive a paycheck every two weeks.  Travel reimbursement and bonuses are paid at the end of the season, in the counselors final paycheck.