The majority of our staff are hired as Camp Counselors. Counselors at Kippewa all have a dual role.

  • Live in a cabin with 8-12 campers and 2-3 other counselors
  • Teach/coach in your activity area of expertise

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Head Counselor | Division Head | Activity Head | Program Team

Office Staff | Support Staff | Nursing Staff

90% of our staff hold counseling positions. Counselors are responsible for creating an environment that is fun as well as emotionally and physically safe.

Kippewa Counselors are teachers, big sisters, listeners, peacekeepers, coaches, cheerleaders, players, lesson-planners, confidantes, and role models. The responsibilities of a counselor can be compared to the job of a “working” parent.

You will be directly overseen by two supervisors, the Head Counselor, who oversees all aspects of a particular age group, and the Activity Head who oversees the activity area in which a staff member is teaching.