You may be wondering about what it would be like to head off to camp in Maine for two weeks!  We hope that this helps answer some of your questions.

If you have others, feel free to reach out!  We’d love to answer them.

What happens if I am “Homesick”?

At Kippewa Point, we like to say that you’re missing home (rather than homesick) because when you’re missing home you’re not sick at all.  Missing home is totally normal! In fact, it would be a little weird if you didn’t miss home while you’re away at camp.  Your counselors, Head Counselor, and Directors are always there to support you and help you adjust to camplife.  We’ve got about a million different tricks to make that missing home feeling go away, and will always find the right trick for you!

I won’t know anyone! How will I make friends?

Most Kippewa Point girls come to camp without knowing other campers – meeting new people is one of the most exciting parts of camp!  Your counselors will help you get to know your bunkmates and other campers. 

Do we go on any trips?

Yes!  Once each session we pack a picnic lunch for the entire camp and head to Popham Beach State Park for “Beach Day”.  You and your camp friends will enjoy swimming in the Atlantic, building sand castles, relaxing on the beach, hunting for seashells and enjoying the beauty of Maine.

What’s a typical day like at Kippewa Point?

You’ll get to do a bit of everything while you’re at KPT.  Each day your bunk will have a brand new schedule of activities!  You’ll have a period down at the Waterfront, a period of Studio & Performing Arts, a Landsports activity, and an Adventure activity.  At the end of the day you’ll have the chance to choose an elective – a fun camp activity that rotates throughout your time at camp – and is the perfect time to try something new or spend time doing something you already love.  Every evening after dinner we have Evening Activity before it’s time to head back to your bunk and settle in for the evening!

How’s the food?

Camp food sometimes gets a bad rap – but not at Kippewa Point!  Everyone in camp eats together.  Meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious! Along with the main entree we offer vegetarian options, salad bars, pasta bars, and a breakfast bar consisting of fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, and more. You’ll always find something yummy to eat!  A few times a week we enjoy outdoor barbecues and lunches overlooking the lake, and the end of each session we have a closing banquet – complete with a traditional Maine lobster bake! Daily snacks consist of hand fruit such as apples, oranges, peaches and plums, homemade cookies and ice cream treats.

What are the bunks like?

Kippewa Point bunks are brand new and intentionally designed with comfortable wooden bunk beds, personal cubby space, skylights, and big lakefront porches to make your bunk quickly feel like your home away from home!  Each bunk is home to 8-12 campers and their 3 counselors.  Bathrooms are outfitted with stall showers, sinks, toilets, and storage cubbies.  Just steps from the shore of Lake Cobbosseecontee, the bunkline is a place where you will share stories about your day with your bunkmates and counselors and relax after a jam packed KPT day.

How does my camper get to and from camp?

We offer bus transportation from the NY Metro area and Boston Metro area.  We also facilitate pick up and drop off at Portland’s International Jetport (PWM).  And some campers get dropped off and picked up at camp!  Details regarding transportation are shared with enrolled families in the winter.

How do I communicate with my camper?

Campers are asked to write letters home at least three times during their stay. Parents may use our online system to send one-way emails that are printed and delivered to campers daily.  We also encourage parents to send good old fashioned snail mail.  There’s simply no replacement for getting a letter at camp!  Our photographers post daily photos during the summer so parents can keep up with all the fun their daughter is experiencing.  You can also expect a daily newsletter update from camp!

How will I know how my daughter is doing at camp?

We know that sending your daughter away to camp is a big step!  As the parent of a first year camper, you can expect to hear from us by phone about her transition to camp within 48 hours of her arrival.  After that, we like to say “no news is good news!”  So while we will always be in touch with you if need be, and you are always welcome to contact us for an update, we spend as much time as possible out in camp being with the girls. 

How is medical care handled at camp?

We have Registered Nurses along with a nursing assistant who live at camp in our “Pillbox” (the health center) and are available 24/7!  There are two hospitals located within 20 minutes of camp. Our nurses distribute all prescription and non-prescription medication for our campers and staff.  They are experts in providing TLC when girls aren’t feeling well, and our Pillbox has space for campers to lie down and rest if needed (including air conditioning).

What is your Package Policy?

We do not allow packages at camp. Any package received without previous permission from the director will be held until the end of the session and either returned to parents or donated. Please make sure friends and family members are aware of this policy. Camp is an incredible gift to give your child – there’s no need to send anything else! 

What is your Electronics Policy?

Our focus at Kippewa Point is the nurturing of authentic relationships.  We know that spending time engaged in activities and talking face to face with friends and counselors, girls develop lasting and meaningful friendships. Therefore, our policy is to only allow basic music players, or in other words those that are “screen free”.  Cell phones, tablets, ereaders and electronic games (Gameboys, PSPs, etc) are not permitted at camp. Basic MP3 players (such as iPod Shuffles) are allowed in the cabins. To assist with this we provide each bunk with an iPod and speaker, counselors are then able to add the campers song requests using camp music accounts!

Additionally,  do not allow hair dryers or flat irons. We want the focus to be on making friends, having fun, and just being yourself without worrying about what your hair looks like! Girls are so busy having fun they don’t miss them one bit.

How much do Kippewa Point girls and Kippewa girls interact?

Camp Kippewa is our 3 1/2 week camp for girls ages 7 – 15.  Camp Kippewa and Camp Kippewa Point run separately from each other, so whether you are attending camp for 3 1/2 weeks or for 2 weeks you are together with other campers staying for the same amount of time. Kippewa Point and Kippewa are sister camps, located right next door to each other in our beautiful natural setting on Lake Cobbosseecontee. We are able to coordinate opportunities to say hi to a sibling or friend but the campers are in separate activities and cabins. Both camps offer the same warm and accepting environment, a wide variety of activities, and complete camp experience!